Coaching consult sessions!

Have a goal you need to attain quickly but don’t have the time for a long coaching series? I hear you! Sometimes I want to smash out an idea that I’ve been working on, but don’t want to wait three months for an outcome.  I wish I’d had this offering when I needed it.  So here I am having created it, just for you!

Some of your quick goals may be in relation to:

  • Having to make a quicker decision around changing careers or roles
  • Want to make a major decision about your personal life but want an objective outsider to help you reach that decision
  • You’re almost at the finish line of a project or problem, but can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That’s where I step in!

These ninety minute sessions are there for you via Zoom to bring your issues with you and we work through them together to try and reach that end goal.

These sessions are $349 each (plus GST) and you can book one, you can book as many as you need.

Payment is due at time of booking, no refunds offered, but you can reschedule if necessary, but only once.