Coaching Series!

Hi, I’m Sarah, a Reinvention Coach who loves to help women thrive!

For a long time I was a glass half empty woman and despite reinventing myself countless times over my adult life; including ending an unhappy marriage, raising two beautiful daughters, something was missing.  I needed help to shift what was happening, and I can tell you, I thought my life was never going to turn around.  I honestly thought ending an unhappy marriage would be the deciding factor to make me happy.  How wrong I was. 

But with hard work, lots of study, working with a few coaches to work through my goals and actions, has now helped me get to my happy place. This includes surrounding myself with positive, supportive people.  But one piece of advice I’ve learnt to live by is, always seek out support, as we are constantly evolving and growing. 

Some of the feelings I used to experience and now have a much better grasp of include:

  • I felt like nothing was ever going to go my way again
  • I felt ignored whenever I shared my feelings with peers and family
  • Felt hurt and disappointment at not being able to control situations that occurred around me.
  • I felt like no one supported me, which left me feeling isolated.
  • Felt like I was living in a bubble, and I couldn’t burst it.

Do some of these resonate with you?

I help women who are ready to step out of the clouds surrounding their hearts and minds, create the change they’ve been craving.  

We can sometimes feel like we’ve lost the courage to stand tall, we don’t appreciate what we’re capable of, we don’t think we’re strong enough emotionally and we hide our authentic self.  It doesn’t have to continue like this.


I have two different programs that you can purchase to work with me.

For the month of April only, my prices are reduced to celebrate my 57th turn around the sun. First one is a three month series (six sessions fortnightly) for $1,111 or a six month series (twelve sessions fortnightly) for $2,222. Payment plans are encouraged.

The series starts with a 30 minute discovery call.  I ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire so I can gauge your thoughts, feelings and fears around what’s holding you back.  Once we’ve decided to work with each other, we will map out 6 or 12 sessions, which will be conducted fortnightly via Zoom.  You will also have access to me between our Zoom sessions via email or via messenger via Facebook. Remember, you have me in your pocket during business hours for the entirety of our series.  

So, to find out if we’d be a great fit together, please book in a 30 minute complimentary discovery call.  Upon booking this call, you will receive an email with a questionnaire attached to complete, of which I kindly ask you to return at least three days prior to our meeting.   

Thanks so much, I can’t wait to have a cuppa and a conversation with you!

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