Community Offerings

Are you sick and tired of being a glass half empty person?  Would you like to change that mindset to be a glass half full?

Learning to reframe our negative thoughts is something we sometimes grapple with every single day; everyone! Learning to reframe some of these thoughts is something we can all learn and actively practice.

Do you have a department where the word team has disappeared from their mantra and don’t seem to work together anymore?

Do you know of a local community connection who may love to bring gorgeous women together to reinvent their thinking?

Invite me in to tell my story and how I changed my mindset from one of self doubt to move out of my way, I can do this

With these workshops or speaking roles, we can go as shallow or deep as the attendees imagination will allow.  The space I offer is calm, supportive and most importantly a safe space where they can work through some of the thought provoking questions I bring to the table and work through reframing things into a positive, that can shift the focus and help the day go more smoothly than yesterday.

Interested in discussing these supportive, but thought provoking sessions?  Send me an email at and let’s have a discussion around changing the narrative!

Please allow from 4-6 weeks for bookings.  Sessions generally last for around 90 minutes.  I am also available for guest speaking roles to tell my story and promote positivity at any age. 

Available Melbourne metro and some regional locations.  Travel fees may apply.