Creating goals for ourselves is something we all crave, particularly when the hurdles seem too high! I know over my adult life, I’ve thought of creating numerous goals but have always let myself down when it came to having the confidence and the RIGHT person in my corner to support and encourage me.  It was only when I reached my early 40’s that I had the courage to reach out and ask for that support, from a couple of different life coaches, who did the work with me, which changed my life! 

Imagine throwing an intellectual or physical disability in the mix.  That can create an extra layer right there, but it doesn’t have to.  

I’ve been blessed enough to support NDIS clients for more than six years, and nothing gives me greater joy than seeing my clients realise their goals.  They’ve ranged from gaining their drivers licence to moving into SIL accommodation with us doing the searching together, to decluttering or re-arranging their home so accessibility is manageable, to finding a hobby that brings them joy and pride.  

Let me be the person to guide, nurture and support you on that journey to the freedom you’ve been searching for! 

I’m based in Frankston, Victoria and willing to travel up to 30 minutes from my base, and those goals that can be done remotely are available via zoom. 

NDIS funding is available for coaching appointments, but will be through item number 15_056_0128_1_3 (Assessment recommendation therapy or training – other professional). Contact me for a quote. 

Thanks so much, I can’t wait to have a cuppa and a conversation with you!